Trade what is, not what should be.

(*) This section is strictly confidential and reserved to qualified investors who are conducting their due diligence. It cannot be accessed by the general public.

Fontainebleau Capital focuses on opportunities across the corporate capital structure and across the distressed cycle to provide equity-like returns with credit-like risk and volatility in an uncorrelated fashion.

Your fund has made 31.33% net of all fees* since inception.

(*) The net returns have been independently audited by Spicer Jeffries LLP on February 28th, 2017 and on March 9th, 2018. For day one investors who remained invested for the period of December 31rst, 2015, through December 31rst, 2018, their total return net of all fees, including a 30% incentive allocation and a 2% management fee, fund expenses and trading costs, was 31.33% (from 12/31/2015 to 12/31/2018).

Investor Letter

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Investor Relations

Partners receive their performance letter every quarter.

Partners receive their confidential capital statements, prepared by a reputable administrator every month.

Fontainebleau Capital is audited every year by a reputable audit firm.

Fontainebleau Capital is initially funded by family and highly respected individuals in the financial services industry.

Honesty Integrity Humility
Making mistakes is human and we see them as opportunities to learn. We believe that by facing mistakes we become better as professionals and human beings.
Excellence Strategy Team spirit
To reach excellence, we encourage curiosity, creativity and sharing disagreements in an open minded manner. We believe that by sharing a common strategy and working as a whole, we become stronger as a team.
Passionate Accountable Merit
We are passionate and patient with a long term perspective. Every single one of us is accountable for both mistakes and successes. We promote professional development based on merit.

By end of year, Fontainebleau Capital is looking to hire the talents that best suit its mission to create a leader company that will outlast the financial crisis of the 21rst century.